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Bone Daddies: Restaurant Review

Calling all hipsters: welcome to Bone Daddies, your new go-to lunch spot.

Situated in the hustle and bustle of London’s Soho, Bone Daddies is part of the new trend in restaurants that caters only to the people in the know. With its minimalist exterior, bar stools, and communal eating – it’s like Wagamamas mysterious edgy cousin. Appearances give little away in regards to the awesome food they serve here. I’m no ramen connoisseur – in fact I wouldn’t even consider ordering it in most places – but Bone Daddies well and truly revamps this japanese classic, the dishes here are so much more than just noodles and broth.

My sister and I had been craving Asian food for a while, so as a little treat cheat meal and a farewell before I headed back to uni we chose Bone Daddies to satisfy are cravings and cross off the infamous List. On arriving we were seated in a snug corner at the window bar table, perfect for two – little awkward if more, but no fear they also had several larger high tables – and in front of us lay an array of condiments and handy little knick-knacks to make your eating experience just right, a truly inventive touch unique to Bone Daddies. The pair of us were extremely pleased to find a small jar of hairbands, of which we made good use when our food arrived, alongside: a selection of large bibs, which we stupidly did not take advantage of; chopsticks (of course); a pot of delicious chilli sauce; a quaint teapot filled with the oriental staple, soya sauce; and best of all garlic and a garlic crusher!! IMG_2568-1-2 Being the pair of foodies we are, planning weeks in advance that this was going to be our desired lunch spot, we had both already scoured their menu online and were ready with our orders. Tantanmen for Sophie, and Kimchee Ramen for me, with a side of chasu pork & corn croquettes to share from their snack menu. Service was quick, and we munched down the croquettes just in time for our ramen – which, might I add, were so delicious, a perfectly golden crispy coating and the softest tastiest pork one could imagine. Glancing across the restaurant and catching glimpses of other customers’ snack orders (fried chicken, tender stem broccoli with yuzo kusho mayo, the list goes on), both my sister and myself were saying how we must return another day just to order everything off their snack menu, no ramen.

Our ramen came and we were each greeted with a giant bowl of steaming spicy goodness. Having been pre-warned by the waiter that our dishes would be “quite spicy”, the pair of us nonchalantly nodded with approval, assuming this spice IMG_0338-1warning was aimed at, shall I say, a more British palate, and that we would probably not feel the heat with our reasonably high tolerance. But boy was I wrong! As you can see from some of the pictures, when they say chilli they mean it! An explosion of flavour and spice erupted in our mouths, the balance of the two was spot on. I couldn’t recommend a better dish if you happen to be feeling a bit under the weather, you’ll have every orifice streaming! An asian twist on good hearty comfort food – like the chicken soup of the Japanese.

In my sister’s Tantanmen there was sesame, chilli, pork mince, bok choy, and the standard egg, bamboo, and bean sprouts all marinating in a heavenly chicken bone broth. I was allowed a small taste of the pork mince, which, of course running smooth with the theme of things, was so so tasty and succulent. Sophie thoroughly enjoyed it and also managed to remain a little less messy than myself, I in fact had to turn my top around after we had finished eating due to a collection of splatter marks all down my front. In my Kimchee Ramen (and on me) I had prawns, mussels, kimchee, corn, chilli, egg, bamboo, and the bean sprouts in a chicken broth. Where do I start! I’d firstly like to say that I did not stop talking about those prawns for a good week after we went – that’s how good they were. So plump and juicy, and coated in something divine (of what exactly I cannot say), I’ve literally never been so content eating. My only complaint was not having more! Could have done with some more mussels also, I gave one away for Sophie to taste thinking I’d have plenty, I was only left with three – woes of a greedy girl! The sweetcorn gave the dish a lovely crunch, and balanced out some of the spice from the abundance of green chilli. The whole meal seemed to have perfectly mastered the art of feng shui, with just the right amount of yin and yang! IMG_6701 Bone Daddies is another must visit in my book: good value for money, delicious, and trendy! Just make sure you don’t sit too close to whoever you’re going with…

So big we couldn't quite finish them!

So big we couldn’t quite finish them!

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2 thoughts on “Bone Daddies: Restaurant Review

  1. I went here back in may! Fab place and very trendy!! Ramen was good and the tie backs for your hair were much appreciated! Good stuff!

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