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Quinoa Sushi

I have a special treat for the readers of Food and Flying today! A wonderful recipe from the top secret index of my sister. Having been massively strapped for time recently (mid-term essay stress), Sophie has kindly offered up one of her personal meal prep creations: quinoa sushi.

I’m always a little shocked, almost offended, when people tell me they don’t like sushi. How can you possibly go wrong with bite sized parcels of rice/fish/veg, the perfect marriage of carb/protein?!? My mother is one of those offenders – but there’s something about homemade food that everyone loves, and after a homely sushi making session even my mum enjoyed these little nuggets of yumminess, so I urge you all to put in the effort and give it a go!

It was my sister’s idea to sub the normal sticky white rice with quinoa. A clever decision that removes the heaviness of white carbs in exchange for the power of a slow-releasing energy grain. I am often wholly ignorant to the calorific consequences of a sushi set from one of the big supermarket chains (some being over 500 calories), picking the largest one there and assuming I’ve opted for a relatively healthy lunch. By making your own and using quinoa, you are guaranteed no empty calories and completely satisfied bellies!

Top Tips

  • Making sushi from scratch requires practice, so don’t give up at the first hurdle! It does get messy, but it is worth it, I promise!
  • We are fortunate enough to own a bamboo sushi-making mat, but if you’re not no problem! The Minimalist Baker has a great guide to help you create successfully scrumptious rolls! Click here for a separate window pop out.
  • Even with a bamboo mat sushi rolling can be a tricky business, so here is a helpful youtube link to guide you.
  • The filling my sister chose of avocado, prawn and cucumber can be swapped for whatever takes your fancy. Avocado/tuna/shredded carrot is one of my personal favourites, or perhaps roasted red pepper and butternut squash for an exotic vegetarian twist.
  • This is another great meal prep idea to keep in your fridge for the week – and as meal prep the ingredients I’ve suggested to use are all to help make the process as quick as possible. If you aren’t in a rush feel free to cook the quinoa and prawns from scratch!

Ingredients (yields 16 pieces of sushi)

3 nori sheets

1/2 packet 250g ready to eat quinoa

1 tsp chilli flakes

1 tbsp smoked paprika

1/2 avocado (more if necessary)

150g medium sized cooked prawns

1/4 cucumber


  1. Heat the quinoa in the microwave according to packet instructions, then add to a pan with chilli flakes and paprika. Leave to cool on the side.
  2. Meanwhile, slice the cucumber and avocado into thin short strips and chop the prawns into smaller pieces.
  3. When the quinoa has cooled, lay 1 nori sheet on your bamboo mat and spread a thin layer over 3/4 of it (if you use your hands be sure to wet your fingers to stop them from sticking).
  4.  Arrange the avocado, prawn, and cucumber in a neat row across the nori sheet at the end closest to you – about 3cm away from the edge.
  5. Wet the top edge of the nori sheet with water to prevent sticking, and then begin to roll the nori away from you. The first roll should encase the filling and you should use a firm grip to make sure the roll stays tight. Continue rolling until you have reached the end.
  6. Slice with a sharp wet knife and voila you have your sushi!
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  1. Wow it looks so good!


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