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The Wild Food Cafe: Restaurant Review

My sister and I are forever complaining that we are the worst Londoners known to man. Born and bred in one of the most amazing cities in the world, and yet we most definitely do not make the most of its kooky restaurant repertoire. Whenever we find ourselves wondering the quaint pedestrian paths of Covent Garden, or perhaps the cobbled side roads of Carnaby Street, we ooh and ahh at the plethora of off-the-radar potential eating spots to add to our infamous lists. It was exactly this, a post shopping stroll in Covent Garden, that allowed us to stumble across The Wild Food Cafe.

Quite literally tucked away in Neil’s Yard, on the first floor of a building not worlds away from something you’d find in the Columbian streets of Cartagena, The Wild Food Cafe exudes hippy heaven. After waiting for around 10 minutes for some seats to free up, the three of us (my mum came along too) got ourselves accustomed to the interesting layout of the intimate setting. There were three large tables with benches all around them, seating around 8-12 people on each, and then there was a seated bar that surrounded the kitchen space. It was a bit of a tight squeeze, and for that reason I wouldn’t make a visit here with more than 3 people – it’s slightly too hectic and overcrowded for it to be enjoyable. Having said this, it was fine for just the three of us, better for twos and even ones – the lonesome food blogger should definitely congregate here!

The friendly staff, chilled out to the max even with the stress of a packed

Super Salad

Super Salad

restaurant, were happy to help and offer suggestions. So we made our final decisions: Ayurvedic Super Salad with baked sweet potato wedges and their Vibrant Green juice for myself (I was still doing Whole 30 at the time); The Wild Falafel Wrap and the speciality smoothie of the day for my sister; and mum ordered The Wild Burger with a recommended mushroom tea to drink.

My salad was delightful, it filled a smallish hole quite nicely. The baked sweet potato wedges, however, were very average – half of which were undercooked and inedible. I much prefer my own and I could have made a months supply for the

The Wild Burger

The Wild Burger

price they charged for theirs (a whopping £6.50). This was my main issue with the restaurant: it’s ridiculous pricing. Whilst I appreciate it is an independent business and it’s tough to make money, this was not worth what they were charging. They were relatively measly portions for a ma-hoo-ssive price! My mum enjoyed hers, bar her also uncooked wedges, but she was lucky she wasn’t that hungry. She also actually quite enjoyed her mushroom tea – I personally thought it smelt and tasted of feet, but what do I know. And Sophie made no complaints whatsoever, she probably ordered the most successfully for the amount they were charging.

All in all, the food was good, not amazing, but good. The pricing on the other hand was a little off – well very off, who can afford over £20pp for an average lunch?! However, they did offer us a free raw berry and nut bar to make up for the raw potato wedges, which was just too yummy!

This seems to me the perfect spot for a catchup with a fellow foodie over one of their homemade raw treats, the place you go after lunch for a smoothie and a chat. I probably won’t be returning here for a full sit down meal again, but if I’m in the area and fancy a clean cheat I might just pop in!


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6 thoughts on “The Wild Food Cafe: Restaurant Review

  1. I feel exactly the same! I live like 20 minutes from Paddington, but take it for granted and never take advantage of what people spend hundreds to spend the weekend seeing!


  2. your photography is beautiful!
    xoxo K


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