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Product Review: Skinny Tea

There are many perks to having my sister as a sister: a second wardrobe when I go home, a like-it-or-not best friend/travel buddy, someone to cook me pancakes on lazy Sunday mornings, the list goes on… The most recent addition. however, are her fabulous networking skills as a result of her ever growing instagram account (@sophiesplate, if you’re not following her already go quick, she’s heading towards 6K!!). Through her ever-growing online presence, some exciting opportunities have arisen to try, enjoy, and review new and healthy products from small upcoming brands. Food blogger heaven – so make sure you check back regularly, we’ve got quite a few exciting reviews lined up!

The first company to get in contact with us was Skinny Tea via instagram (@skinnyteadotcom for food/fit/and general life-spiration) asking us to try out their tea range. They do a whole host of products including a Skinny Smoothie Range and a Health and Fitness Range, but what we would be sampling was the Skinny Tea Detox (14 day). This consists of a 14 day supply of Skinny Tea to have daily in the morning, and a 7 day supply of Detox Tea to have every other evening.

Having of course jumped at the opportunity of a freebie (what can I say, it’s true), we gave them our address and soon enough a little package arrived all the way from Australia through our letterbox ready for us to try! We were sent a 14 day course each, retailing at just under $40USD – so £27 ish for us Brits. As far as pricing goes this product is a little above average, with 14 day detoxes generally costing around £20.

With the recent flooding of the market, now riddled with various teas claiming all sorts of weird and wonderful things, I was somewhat sceptical as to what exactly this tea was going to do for me… And what I really didn’t want was to be visiting the toilet left, right and centre. So before diving straight in, I ensured I completely understood what was in these teas. Low and behold, I was pleasantly surprised to find all natural good stuff that my body was already pretty much used to. The ingredients are as follows: ashwaganda root, celery leaf, goji berries, jasmine tea, lemongrass, nettle leaf, sencha green tea, senna leaf, yerba mate.

Now contrary to its name, this tea isn’t claiming to be a miracle worker. You can’t sit on your ass all day, stuffing your face with Krispy Kremes, sipping on skinny tea and have fat just magically drip off you. The brand highly champions a combination of good diet, regular exercise, and plenty of water – the tea is merely a supplement to good health. It promotes wellness and detoxification, two attributes I’m always keen for!

Every morning I’d have the Skinny Tea before the gym and then return and have my breakfast, whilst every other evening having the Detox Tea just before bed. I actually really enjoyed the tastes of both teas: refreshing and cleansing. You know when something tastes healthy and you feel like you’re drinking or eating some kind of elixir – well that’s how this tastes. On the odd day where I felt like I had eaten more than I should of, the Detox Tea really helped make me feel like less of a bloated lump, and, without going into too much detail, I was pleased to discover how healthy regular rather than laxative regular it kept me. As most will know, I live a relatively clean lifestyle and rarely have problems concerning food etc, however, if one did have a few digestion issues, I imagine this would sort it right out!

My only qualms with the product is the fact that it’s a loose leaf tea and you have to brew it using a strainer or other such gadgets, bit of a hassle, but apart from that it was fab to wake up to every morning! I’m quite sad it’s all gone to be honest!

Make sure you check out their website and instagram (links above) to find out more about their wonderful products!


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